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Blade classification

JOOLA has made the decision to cease using the old numerical system of blade rating. We believe that our classification system is easier to understand and that an exact classification into very precise ratings is impossible and highly subjective.

The blade design incorporates the following characteristics which also make JOOLA blades very distinctive:

1. Colour coding of speed

In our view, the decisive factor for classification of a blade is speed. Therefore we base all playing categories on the speed of the blade. The speed features are classified into different colours.


The colour of the speed features is also repeated in the design of the handle lense.

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2. Classification on the blade face

The characteristics are clearly displayed on the blade face. Again the colour of the print identifies the speed and the level of control is also displayed. These two features are again classified into 4 categories:




extra high
Speed Feature Beispiel

example for fast

3. New grip lenses

The JOOLA lenses have also been completely redesigned and are identical on each blade. The new 16mm large lens in the handle has the colour of the respective speed feature and the name of the blade. An additional metal JOOLA label is attached to the end of the handle.

Playing strategies and the correct choice of blade

In order to choose the most suitable equipment every player should decide into which playing strategy they fall:

Classic, pure defensive play behind the table with occasional attacking shots.
Modern defensive play, also at the table, with positioned offensive shots.
Modern defensive play using special rubbers (e.g. JOOLA Fakir), aimed at disturbing the opponent’s offensive play.
Play with a basic tendency for a safe, controlled, allround topspin game.
Offensive play with precise attacking shots and variation of topspin.
Offensive play with hard final shots and aggressive topspin, close to the table most of the time.
Offensive play, aggressive topspin shots and hard final strokes.

In the following survey the blades are classified into the different playing strategies, which makes it easy for the player to choose the most suitable category.

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